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How Many LED Chips Used in 2010 Shanghai World Exposition.
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How Many LED Chips Used in 2010 Shanghai World Exposition.

2010 Shanghai World Expo is the world's biggest LED show field, Expo Park also is the world's largest LED demonstration area. It is reported that 1.05 billion LED chips were used in the Expo Site; World Expo venues indoor lighting uses about 80% of the green LED light source, the energy saving got to 90% compared with incandescent.

1.05 billion LED chips create the perfect World Expo

Spectacular night view, is one of the highlights of Shanghai World Expo, which is mainly due to large-scale application of new technologies LED lighting . World Expo was decorated so beautiful by LED lighting at night. But the actual consumption is not too much, mainly due to energy-saving features of LED technology. As a new solid-state light source, LED is small size, low power consumption, long life, fast response, high reliability, has been recognized as a major energy saving lighting materials in the world.  Such a large-scale LED lighting applications in EXPO, comprehensive energy efficiency can reach 70%. LED created a perfect Shanghai World Expo with its great visual impact,and it shocked the world once again.

LED display power in Expo events

Expo LED display lights up the city's future, the highlight of the Expo is the LED display, from the opening ceremony to the Museum of Saudi Arabia,LED big screen brings us the fun! The huge LED large screen of the Huangpu River  makes a unforgettable opening ceremony. The LED has 300 meters long, 30 meters high, with a total area of more than 9000 square meters, and display pixel dot pitch 15 cm. And it is the world's largest outdoor LED screen.

Keep a calm mind,commitment to develop the LED industry

The Olympic Game is a human event, the Expo is a comprehensive ability display for human. From the Olympics to the Expo is a good start, China displayed our cultural charm fully before the whole world.

The majority of the Expo LED lighting is made in China mainland, but the majority of LED chips are the imported chips. In other words, behind hot investment in the LED industry, we had to face the situation that: Domestic enterprises in the LED chips and other key upstream were lack of voice.

In the LED industry chain, epitaxial wafers and chips accounted for 70% of the profits, while the LED encapsulation and application, taken only 30% of the profits.  Current wafer production has complete control in the hands of foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises can not achieved an epitaxial film production. Chip, the domestic enterprises are mainly concentrated in low-power ,low-end area. Industry standards are not unified, strong restricted China's LED industry bottlenecks. We Hope that through the platform of Shanghai World Expo, the LED industry can be promoted further.


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